Ariens Sno Thro 921001 2 3 4 ST824E ST1027LE ST1130DLE ST924DLE Snow Blower Owners Manual

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Sno-Thro Models 921001 ­ ST824E 921002 ­ ST1027LE 921003 ­ ST1130DLE 921004 ­ ST924DLE ® Owner/Operator Manual ENGLISH FRANÇAIS 00660400 6/07 Printed in USA TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY 3 ASSEMBLY . 7 CONTROLS and FEATURES 11 OPERATION . 13 MAINTENANCE . 18 SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS 21 STORAGE . 29 SERVICE PARTS 29 ACCESSORIES . 29 TROUBLESHOOTING 30 SPECIFICATIONS . 31 WARRANTY 32 INTRODUCTION MANUALS Before operation of unit, carefully and completely read your manuals. If used improperly, this unit could be dangerous and cause personal injury or property damage.

Snow Blower and Snow Thrower User Manual Free Download. Snow Removal Manual. Free Manual Download PDF.

The contents will provide you with safety instructions for the safe use of your unit during normal operation and maintenance. All reference to left, right, front, or rear are given from operator standing in operation position and facing the direction of forward travel. ENGINE MANUAL The engine on this unit is covered by a separate manual specific to the engine. This manual is included in the literature package that shipped with the unit. Refer to this manual for engine service recommendations. If the engine manual is not available, contact the engine manufacturer for a replacement manual. MODEL AND SERIAL NUMBERS When ordering replacement parts or making service inquiries, know the Model and Serial numbers of your unit and engine. Numbers are located on the product registration form in the unit literature package. They are printed on a serial number label, located on the frame of your unit. · Record Engine Model and Serial number here. PRODUCT REGISTRATION The Ariens dealer must register the product at the time of purchase. Registering the product will help the company process warranty claims or contact you with the latest service information. All claims meeting requirements during the limited warranty period will be honored, whether or not the product registration card is returned. Keep a proof of purchase if you do not register your unit. Customer Note: If the dealer does not register your product, please fill out, sign, and return the product registration card to Ariens or go to UNAUTHORIZED REPLACEMENT PARTS Use only Ariens replacement parts. The replacement of any part on this vehicle with anything other than an Ariens authorized replacement part may adversely affect the performance, durability, or safety of this unit and may void the warranty. Ariens disclaims liability for any claims or damages, whether warranty, property damage, personal injury or death arising out of the use of unauthorized replacement parts. To locate your nearest Ariens Dealer, go to on the internet. DISCLAIMER Ariens reserves the right to discontinue, make changes to, and add improvements upon its products at any time without public notice or obligation. The descriptions and specifications contained in this manual were in effect at printing. Equipment described within this manual may be optional. Some illustrations may not be applicable to your unit. Serial Number Label Figure 1 · OS7006 Record Unit Model and Serial numbers here. GB – 2 2007 Ariens Company DELIVERY Customer Note: If you have purchased this product without complete assembly and instruction by your retailer, it is your responsibility to: 1. Read and understand all assembly instructions in this manual. If you do not understand or have difficulty following the instructions, contact your nearest Ariens Dealer for assistance. Make sure all assembly has been properly completed. NOTE: To locate your nearest Ariens Dealer, go to on the Internet. WARNING: Improper assembly or adjustments can cause serious injury. 2. Understand all Safety Precautions provided in the manuals. 3. Review control functions and operation of the unit. Do not operate the Sno-Thro unless all controls function as described in this manual. 4. Review recommended lubrication, maintenance and adjustments. 5. Review Limited Warranty Policy.

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