MTD Troy-Bilt OEM 190 183 DeckWheel Kit 38 42 Inch Lawn Mower Tractor Owners Manual

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Assembly Instructions Deck Wheel Kit Model OEM-190-183 For Lawn Tractors with a 38- or 42-inch Deck MTD LLC, P.O. BOX 361131 CLEVELAND, OHIO 44136-9722 PRINTED IN U.S.A. FORM NO. (5/2007) SECTION 1: CALLING CUSTOMER SUPPORT Please do NOT return the unit to the retailer from which it was purchased, without first contacting Customer Support. Should you have difficulty assembling this product or have any questions regarding the controls, operation or maintenance of this unit, please call the Customer Support Department.

Lawn Mower User Manual Free Download. Walk Behind Mowers Operator’s Manual. Power Mower Free Instruction Manual Download PDF.

Call 1- (330) 220-4MTD (4683) or 1- (800) 800-7310 to reach a Customer Support representative. Please have your tractor’s model number and serial number ready when you call. SECTION 2: CONTENTS OF CARTON Before beginning installation, remove all parts from the carton to make sure everything is present. Carton contents are listed below. Part numbers are shown in parentheses. One Left-hand Wheel Bracket One Right-hand Wheel Bracket Two Deck Wheels Two 3/8-16 Shoulder Screws (783-04017A) (783-04016A) (734-0973) (738-0373) Two 3/8-16 Flange Lock Nuts Four Bell Washers Six 316-18 Range Lock Nuts Six 5/16-18 Hex Head Bolts (712-0431) (736-0242) (712-3004A) (710-3025) SECTION 3: ASSEMBLY WARNING: Before beginning installation, place the tractor on a firm and level surface. Place the Deck Engagement/Lift Lever in the disengaged (OFF) position, stop the tractor engine and set the parking brake. Tools Required For Installation: · · 1/2 ” box wrench 1/2 ” open end wrench.

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