Simplicity 350 1690901 1691405 1690902 1691406 Snow Blower Owners Manual

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Parts Manual Snowthrower Model 350 · · 3 H.P. SNOWTHROWER MANUAL START MFG. NO. 1690901 MFG. NO. 1&91405 3 H.P. SNOWTHROWER ELECTRIC START MFG. NO. 1690902 MFG. NO. 1691406 TP-1DB&-03 Sl8B Produclldentiflcalion: When ordering parts, keep your products serial number and manufacturer’s number in mind. Variations may occur in a pari between early and later model products, causing the product serial number to be listed in thepartsdescription whenever these variations occur. Record your 1.0. numbers here for quick, luture reference.

Snow Blower and Snow Thrower User Manual Free Download. Snow Removal Operator’s Manual. Free Manual Download PDF.

Product Mig. No. Atlenlion: Standard torques appearin a chart at the end 01 the manual. while important Individual torques are given on specific parts drawings. CRITICAL and MAJOR notations point out important facts or rnstructions which·relate to personalsaletyandproper. machine operation. Any CRITICAL notation which mayappearin this book, plnpoiritscharacteristicswhich, il not properly followed, can create asafety ha ard. Any MAJOR notation which mayappearin this book, marks characteristics which, if not properly followed, may resuit in operating. failure, shortened product life, or greatly ‘ieducedquality of the unit. “N Mower Mfg. No. ‘/N lit For your convenience, assembly’ notes are included in parts drawings to assist in repair and assembly of unit. NOTE: Speclflcatlons may change wlthoul notice. SIMPLICITY PRODUCTS FOR THE PROPER CARE OF EQUIPMENT These genuIne SImp/Icily products will help the owner extend the lile of his equfpment. OILS – SPECIFICAt.LY BLENDED OF HIGH QUALITY BASE OILS & ADDITIVES. Special Worm Gear (RoticulJ 011 for use in all Iillers and snowlhrowers wilh worm gear auger drive. Required for prOleClion 01 brass gears and maling part·. Case 0112 Quarts, Pari 1685100, Individual Quarls 118065. Multi-Purpose HydraullcfTransmlsslon Oil for USe in mo.1 hydraulic applications, and hydroslatic and gear Iransmission·. Specitic Simp/icily applications: Ali hydro· .·talic transmissions, ali bevel gear cases, all Broadmoor, Landlord, Sovereign. 4000. 6000, 7000 lran.missions (except Peerless Gear TransmiSSion.). (Nol used In SunSlar traclor lransmission.) Case 01 12 Quarts, Part 111695516, 2% Gallon Contain r, Pari #168 39, 2_Cycle Engine 011. premium lubricant tor all …

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