Simplicity 555 755 860 1693980 81 82 83 1694433 34 Series Snow Blower Owners Manual

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Print Vendor Instructions Paper Size: · 11×17 How to use this file Operator’s Manuals · Body – 50 lbs brilliant white offset or equivalent · Cover – on pre-printed two tone “Swash ” stock. Press: · Body – 1 color, 2-sided · Cover – 1 color, 1 sided Bindery: Covers: · Saddle stitch, face trim *if too thick for saddle stitch, tape bind · FRONT COVER is present at the beginning of the file. · BACK COVER is the page immediately after the front cover. · The part number for this manual (typically a 172 __ number) is located on the front cover.

Snow Blower and Snow Thrower User Manual Free Download. Snow Removal Operator’s Manual. Free Manual Download PDF.

· This file may contain several manual which differ only by their covers. See the part number at the bottom of the cover page Body: · The body for all manuals is identical regardless of the cover. · Odd number pages are always right hand pages, even number pages are always left hand pages. General: · This instruction sheet is NOT part of the manual and must not be printed. · Pages labeled “THIS PAGE INTENSIONALLY BLANK ” are placement pages and should NOT be printed. THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY BLANK (FOR PLACEMENT ONLY – DO NOT PRINT) OPERATOR’S MANUAL Intermediate Snowthrower Models 555 Models Mfg. No. 1693980 1693981 Description 555M, 5HP Snowthrower, Manual Start 555M, 5HP Snowthrower, Manual Start (Export) 755 Models Mfg. No. 1693982 1693983 Description 755M, 7HP OHV Snowthrower, Manual Start (Export) 755E, 7HP OHV Snowthrower, Electric Start 860 Models Mfg. No. 1694433 1694434 Description 860EI, 8HP OHV Snowthrower, Electric Start 860MI, 8HP OHV Snowthrower, Manual Start (Export) 1722654-04 Rev 4/2003 TP 100-2490-04-IW-S MANUFACTURING, INC. 500 N Spring Street / PO Box 997 Port Washington, WI 53074-0997 2003, Simplicity Manufacturing, Inc. Printed in USA. Table of Contents Safety Rules & Information General Operation 2 Slope Operation 2 Children .3 Emissions 3 Service & Maintenance .3 ANSI B71.3-1995 Warnings 4 Identifications Numbers 5 Decals .6 Safety Icons 7 Regular Maintenance Schedule .17 Checking Tire Pressure 17 Checking Auger Gear Case Lubrication .17 Lubrication 18 Check / Lubricate Free-hand Linkage .18 Storage .19 Troubleshooting, Adjustment, & Service Troubleshooting 20 Speed Selector Pivot Adjustment .22 Traction Drive Clutch Rod Adjustment 22 Discharge Chute Worm Assy. Adj .23 Discharge Chute Control Rod Gear Adj 23 Auger Drive Clutch Rod Adjustment .24 Drive Belt Adjustment .25 Drive Belt Replacement 26 Roller Chain Replacement 28 Shear Pin Replacement 28 Features, Controls, & Operation Control Locations 8 Starting Controls .10 Ground Speed Controls 11 Auger Control 11 Deflector Controls .11 Scraper Height 11 Traction Lock Control 11 General Operation Checks Before Each Start-Up .12 Starting The Engine 13 Operating The Snowthrower .14 Ground Speed Selector 14 Engine Speed .14 Deflector 15 Scraper Bar & Skid Shoes 15 Free Wheeling and Traction Drive Lock 16 After Each Use 16 Specifications 29 Replacement Parts & Accessories . 30 Technical manual availability .30 WARNING You must read, understand and comply with all safety and operating instructions in this manual before attempting to set-up and operate your snowthrower. Failure to comply with all safety and operating instructions can result in loss of machine control, serious personal injury to you and /or bystanders, and risk of equipment and property damage. The triangle in the text signifies important cautions or warnings which must be followed. WARNING Engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known, in certain quantities, to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. 1 Safety Rules & Information Read these safety rules and follow them closely.

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