Simplicity Massey Ferguson Agco Allis 1691520 1692039 1692624 Snow Dozer Blade Hitch Attachment Manual

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ATTACHMENT OPERATOR’S MANUAL Snow/Dozer Blade & Hitch Snow Plow/Dozer Blade Mfg. No. 1691520 Description 42 ” Snow Plow/Dozer Blade Hitch Mfg. No. 1692039 1692624 Description Hitch (for Landlord / 1700 / 2700 Series & Broadmoor / 1600 / 2600 Series) Hitch (for Regent / 500 / 2500 Series) 1715046-02 Rev 10/97 TP 100-2122-02-AT-SMA Table of Contents Recommended Accessories .1 Safety Rules .2 Components .3 Assembly 7 Installation 10 Removal 13 Operation & Normal Care 13 Adjustments .14 Hardware Identification & Torque Specifications .16 NOTE: In these instructions, “left ” and “right ” are referred to as seen from the operating position.

Snow Blower and Snow Thrower User Manual Free Download. Snow Removal Operator’s Manual. Free Manual Download PDF.

Recommended Accessories For best performance, it is recommended to use tire chains and two (2) rear wheel weights. A rear-mounted weight box can also be added for additional traction. The maximum weight added to the tractor should not exceed 35 lbs./wheel, plus100 additional pounds in the rear weight box. An Electric Lift Kit is available for the 14 HP Landlord/1700 Series tractors to raise and lower attachments. Required Accessories A Lift Lever Kit is required for the following models, and must be installed prior to hitch installation. – Broadmoor/LT/1600/2600: – Regent/500/2500Series: Lift Kit, mfg. no. 1691832 Lift Kit, mfg. no. 1692623 TP 100-2122-02-AT-SMA 1 Safety Rules Read these safety rules and follow them closely. Failure to obey these rules could result in loss of control of vehicle, severe personal injury to yourself or bystanders, or damage to property or equipment. The triangle in the text signifies important cautions or warnings which must be followed. WARNING For operation on slopes greater than 15% (8.5°), weight box, tire chains, and wheel weights are recommended. Never operate on slopes greater than 30% (16.7°) General · Read the operator’s manual carefully. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and proper use of the equipment. Know how to stop the unit and disengage the controls quickly. · Never allow children to operate the machine. Do not allow adults to operate it without proper instruction. · Keep the area of operation clear of all persons, particularly small children and pets. · Do not carry passengers. · Make sure: a. tractor and attachments are in good operating condition. b. all safety devices and shields are in place c. and in good working condition, and d. all adjustments (skid shoe height, etc.) have been made. · Do not run the engine indoors.

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