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Instruction Manual/Owner’s Manual STIHL 010,011 Occasional User Saw Important Safety Precautions 1. Do not operate a chain saw when you are fatigued. 8. Before you start the engine , make sure the saw chain is not contacting anything. 9. Carry the chain saw with the engine stopped, the guide bar and saw chain to the rear, and the muffler away from your body. 10. Do not operate a chain saw that is damaged, improperly adjusted , or is not completely and securely assembled. Be sure that the saw chain stops moving when the throttle trigger is released.

11. Shut off the engine before setting it down. 12. Use extreme caution when cutting small size brush and saplings because slender material may catch the saw chain and be whipped toward you or pull you off balance. 13. When cutting a limb that is under tension be alert for spring back so that you will not be struck when the tension in the wood fibers is released. continued on the back inside cover 2. Use safety footwear, snug-fitting clothing, and eye, hearing and head protection devices. 3. Use caution when handling fuel. Move the chain saw at least 10 feet (3 m) from the fueling point before starting the engine. 4. Do not allow other persons to be near the chain saw when starting or cutting with the chain saw. Keep bystanders and animals out of the work area. 5. Do not start cutting until you have a clear work area, secure footing , and a planned retreat path from the falling tree. 6. Hold the chain saw firmly with both hands , the right hand on the rear handle and the left hand on the front handle , when the engine is running. Use a firm grip with thumbs and fingers encircling the chain saw handles. 7. Keep all parts of your body away from the saw chain when the engine is running. -+ STIHL 010 AV, 010 AV Quickstop 011 AV, 011 AV Quickstop Congratulations! You are the owner of a prec ision-manufactured ST IH L chain saw des igned 10 give you long and dependab le service. To receive max imum pe rformance a nd satisfaction from your ST IHL cha in saw, it is important that you read and unders tand the ma intenance and safety preca utions before using your saw. Co ntact your ST IHL Deale r or the ST IHL Distributor for yo ur area if you do not unde rsta nd any of the instructions or warn ings in this M anual. Thi s M anual contains wa rnings rega rding your saw , ope rating and safety instructions for all STIHL 010 and 011 series powe r saws. Operating Instructions Sharpening and Maintenance of Saw Chains Contents Parts of the Cha in Saw Safety Precautions – The Ope rator – The Saw – The Use of the Saw Fuel Cha in Oil Mo unting the Bar and Cha in Cha in Bra ke Star ting Checking Chain Lubrication Cutt ing Attac hme nt Inspecting the spa rk arrestor scree n Air Filter Ca rburetor Sharpen ing and Maint enance of Saw Chain Rep laci ng the Chain Sproc ket Rew ind Starter Spec ifications Maintenance Chart 2 4 4 5 6 20 20 21 22 24 27 28 Warning! Beca use a chain saw is a high- speed wood-c utting tool, some special safety preca utions must be obse rved as with a ny other powe r saw to reduce the risk of personal acc iden ts. Ca reless or imprope r use may cause serious or eve n fatal injur y. It is important that you fully understand the contents of this M anual and that you allow only perso ns who understand this Ma nual to operate your chain saw. Pay spec ial attention to the cutting techniques a nd safety precautions outli ned on pages 4 to 19. 30 31 32 33 37 38 40 41 STIHLs philoso phy is to continually impr ove all of its pro ducts. As a result, enginee ring changes and improve me nts are made from time -to-time. W ritten notices relating to such changes are se nt to STIHL Dealers and a re avai lable to you. If the operating charac teristics or the appea rance of your saw differs from those desc ribed in this Man ual, please contac t yo ur local STIHL Dealer for upda ted information a nd ass ista nce.

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