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jerrad on Jan 12, 2016.

Outstanding! All the power I need.

Jerrad on Jan 12, 2016.

Excellent product no major issues. Always performed like it should.

KAZI on Jul 30, 2014.


Warning I Toreducethe risk of kickback Injuryuse STIHL reduced kickback bar and STIHL PM1 (% ” Picco) or RM 2 (% “) or RM 2 (0.325 “) chain depending on sprocket or other available low kickback components. WarnIng I This saw is capable of severe kickback which maycauseserious or fatal injiliry. Only for userswith extraordinary cutting needs expe rience and training dealing with kickback. Chain aw s with significantly reduced kickback potentialareavailable. STIHL recommends the use of STIHLreduced bar and low kickback chain.

a rd Important Safety Precautions for Chain Saw Users A. Kickback Safety Precautions & warningl Kickback may occur when the nose or tip of the guide bar touches an object, or when the wood closes in and pinches the saw chain in the cut. Tip contact in some cases may cause a lightning fast reverse reaction, kicking the guide bar up and back towa rds the opera tor. Pinching the saw chain along the top of the guide bar may push the guide bar rapidly back towards the operator. Either of these reactions may cause you to lose contro l of the saw which cou ld result in serious personal injury. Section 5.12 of ANS I B 175.1-1991 sets certain performance and design criteria related to chainsaw kickback. STIHL has developed a color code system using green and yellow to help you select a powerhead, bar and chain combination that complies with the kickback requirements of the ANSI Standard. See the sections entitled “Safety Precautions ” and “Specifications ” of this manual. Do not rely exclusively upon the safety devices built into your saw. As a chainsaw user, you should take several steps to keep your cuttin g jobs free from accident or injury. 1. 6. Follow manufactu rer’s sharpening and maintenance instructions for the saw chain. 7. Only use replacement bars and chains specified by the manufacturer or the equivalent. With a basic understanding of kickbac k, you can reduce or eliminate the element of surprise. Sudden surprise contributes to accidents. 8. Reduced kickback bars and low kickback chains are designed to reduce the risk of kickback injury. Ask your STIHL dealer about these devices. 2. Keep a good firm grip on the saw with both hands, the right hand on the rear handle, and the left hand on the front handle, when the engine is running. Use a firm grip with thumbs and fingers encircling the chainsaw handles. A firm grip will help you reduce kickback and maintain control of the saw. Don’t let go. B. Other Safety Precautions 1. 3. Make sure the area in which you are cutting is free from obstructions. Do not let the nose of the guide bar contact a log, branch , or any other obstruction while you are operating the saw. Cut at high engine speeds. Do not overreach or cut above shoulder height. Do not operate a chainsaw with one hand! Serious injury to the operator, helpers, bystanders , or any combination of these persons may result from onehanded operation. A chainsaw is intended to be used with two hands. Do not opera te a chainsaw wh you are fatigued. Use safety footwear ; snug-fitt ing clothing; protective gloves; and eye, hearing, and head protection devices. 2. 3. 4. 5. continued on the back inside cover – Contents Main Parts of the Saw Definitions Safety Precautions – The Operator – The Saw – The Use of the Saw – Maintenance, Repair and Storing Mounting the Bar and Chain Tensioning the Saw Chain Check ing Chain Tension Fuel Fueling Chain Lubricant Filling Chain Lubricant Chain Brake Information Before You Start Starting Oil Quantity Contro l During Break-in Period During Operation After Finishing Wo rk Air Filter System Winter Operation Taking Care of Guide Bar Checking Chain Lubrication Motor Management.

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