STIHL FS 110 Trimmer Owners Manual

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STIHL FS 110 Instruction Manual Notice d’emploi G Instruction Manual 1 – 44 F Notice d’emploi 45 – 92 English Contents Guide to Using this Manual Safety Precautions and Working Techniques Approved Combinations of Cutting Attachment, Deflector, Handle and Harness Approved Power Tool Attachments Mounting the Bike Handle Mounting the Loop Handle Adjusting the Throttle Cable Fitting the Carrying Ring Mounting the Deflector Mounting the Cutting Attachment 4-MIX Engine Fuel Fueling Fitting the Harness Balancing the Trimmer/Brushcutter Starting / Stopping the Engine Operating Instructions Cleaning the Air Filter Engine Management Adjusting the Carburetor Spark Arresting Screen in Muffler Spark Plug Lubricating the Gearbox Replacing the Starter Rope and Rewind Spring Storing the Machine Sharpening Metal Cutting Blades Maintenance and Care Main Parts 2 2 Specifications Special Accessories Maintenance and Repairs STIHL Limited Emission Control Warranty Statement 40 41 42 42 Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing a quality engineered STIHL product.

This machine has been built using modern production techniques and comprehensive quality assurance. Every effort has been made to ensure your satisfaction and troublefree use of the machine. Please contact your dealer or our sales company if you have any queries concerning your machine. Your Original Instruction Manual ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG, 2010 0458-254-8221-C. M1-65.L10.PM. Printed on chlorine-free paper Printing inks contain vegetable oils, paper can be recycled. Hans Peter Stihl { FS 110, FS 110 R 1 English Guide to Using this Manual Pictograms The meanings of the pictograms attached to the machine are explained in this manual. Depending on the model concerned, the following pictograms may be attached to your machine. Fuel tank; fuel mixture of gasoline and engine oil Operate decompression valve Symbols in text Warning where there is a risk of an accident or personal injury or serious damage to property. Caution where there is a risk of damaging the machine or its individual components. Engineering improvements STIHL’s philosophy is to continually improve all of its products. For this reason we may modify the design, engineering and appearance of our products periodically. Therefore, some changes, modifications and improvements may not be covered in this manual. Safety Precautions and Working Techniques Some special safety precautions must be observed to reduce the risk of personal injury when operating this power tool because of the very high speed of its cutting attachment. It is important you read and understand the instruction manual before using your power tool for the first time and keep the manual in a safe place for future reference. Non-observance of the safety precautions may result in serious or even fatal injury. Observe all applicable local safety regulations, standards and ordinances. Manual fuel pump Operate manual fuel pump Tube of grease Intake air: Summer operation Intake air: Winter operation Handle heating If you have not used this type of power tool before: Have your dealer or other experienced user show you how to operate your power tool or attend a special course in its operation. Minors should never be allowed to use a power tool. Keep bystanders, especially children, and animals away from the work area. When the power tool is not in use, shut it off so that it does not endanger others. Secure it against unauthorized use. The user is responsible for avoiding injury to third parties or damage to their property. 2 FS 110, FS 110 R English Do not lend or rent your power tool without the instruction manual. Be sure that anyone using it understands the information contained in this manual. The use of noise emitting power tools may be restricted to certain times by national or local regulations. To operate the power tool you must be rested, in good physical condition and mental health. If you have any condition that might be aggravated by strenuous work, check with your doctor before operating a power tool. Persons with pacemakers only: The ignition system of your power tool produces an electromagnetic field of a very low intensity. This field may interfere with some pacemakers. To reduce health risks, STIHL recommends that persons with pacemakers consult their physician and the pacemaker manufacturer before operating this tool. Do not operate the power tool if you are under the influence of any substance (drugs, alcohol) which might impair vision, dexterity or judgment. Depending on the cutting attachment fitted, use your power tool only for cutting grass, wild growth, shrubs, scrub, bushes, small diameter trees and similar materials. Do not use your power tool for any other purpose since this may result in accidents. Only use cutting attachments and accessories that are explicity approved for this power tool model by STIHL or are technically identical.

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