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Les ellins on Apr 03, 2015.

Good its hadrd to find a good download hopefully this is it.

DDCTM Series Dial Digital Controller INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for choosing the Toro DDC (Digital Dial Controller) irrigation controller. The DDC incorporates the lates programming technology in an easy-to-use, “digital dial ” display. The following instructions will help you get started. As you follow the simple steps, please pay attention to the important NOTES, which will give you helpful hints and programming advice to maximize the feature capability of the DDC. TABLE OF CONTENTS Installation Instructions __ Page 3 Sensor Connection and Operation Page 4 Block Diagram of Programming Sequence __ Page 5 Programming _ Page 6 – SET TIME/DAY Page 6 – RUN TIME Page 6 – WATER DAYS Page 7 – START TIMES Page 7 – % SCALING __ Page 8 – MANUAL _ Page 8 – SEMI-AUTO __ Page 9 – SYSTEM OFF Page 9 – AUTO-RUN __Page 10 Self Diagnostic Circuit Breaker __ Page 11 About the DDC Memory __ Page 11 Power Failure Indication _Page 11 Custom Watering Plan Page 11 Electrical Specifications __ Page 11 -2- INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: MULTILINGUAL LCD INLAY To place or replace look at instructions inside the plastic bag.

DIGITAL DIAL advancement button Quick Ref. Card TRANSFORMER RESET BUTTON RESET SENSOR 9 volt Battery Install in a protected area. MASTER VALVE C O M M O N T O A L L V A L V E S Remove the lower cover of the DDC controller. Place the unit on the wall using the top screw slot. Level the controller, then insert screws into the two lower screws holes under the terminal block. Connect the solenoid wires to the terminal block. Connect one wire from the solenoid to its respective station number on the terminal block and the other wire to the C-common terminal. Finally, connect the transformer wires to the 24 VAC terminal. 9 VDC battery. The 9 volt battery compartment is located between the sensor terminal and the 24VAC terminal. The 9 volt battery powers the LCD display in the absence of AC power and allows “Arm Chair Programming “. Program information is retained during power outages by an on-board lithium battery. Note: Only after all the wiring is completed and checked should the transformer be plugged into AC power. -3- Sensor connection and operation: TRANSFORMER Quick Ref. Card RESET SENSOR Install in a protected area. 9 volt Battery SENSOR To connect a rain sensor, remove the jumper wire from the sensor terminal and connect one wire of the Toro Rain Switch to the C-common terminal and the other wire to the N.C. (normally closed) terminal. As soon as the Rain Switch contacts change from the N.C. position to the N.O. (normally open) position, irrigation will be suspended. Irrigation will resume as soon as the Rain Switch dries and its contacts return to the N.C. position. When irrigation is suspended due to the Rain Switch, the display shows: OFF NOTE: When using the Toro Rain Switch, follow the Basic Connection Installation Instructions. -4- Block Diagram presentation of the programming sequence of the 3 irrigation parameters: Run Time, Days and Starts for each program. Run Time Prog. A Run Time Prog. B Run Time Prog. C DAYS Prog. A DAYS Prog. B DAYS Prog. C Starts Prog. A Starts Prog. B Starts Prog. C % Scaling Prog. A * As you press the “Prog. ” button, the dial will jump back to the “Run Time ” position. -5- PROGRAMMING: It is recommended to press the RESET button to clear the memory. Press DIAL to advance to SET TIME/DAY Dial Position: SET TIME/DAY Set the current YEAR, MONTH, DAY & TIME. Set the YEAR with +/ON or -/OFF Press NEXT Set the MONTH with +/ON or -/OFF Press NEXT Set the DAY with +/ON or -/OFF Press NEXT Set the TIME with +/ON or -/OFF Press NEXT if you wish to go back to YEAR setting. SET TIME/DAY NOTE: If you press and hold either +/ON or -/OFF continuously, the digits will advance more quickly. Press DIAL to advance to RUN TIME RUN TIMES Dial Position: RUN TIME The DDC has 3 independent programs: A, B & C. Program A has an initial start-up program with each station set for a 5 minute run time and a 0400 (AM) start time. This initial program can be erased by following the “Program Erase ” function described on page 10 or it can be modified by following these programming steps. Press PROG to select the program to be set. Press +/ON or -/OFF to set the desired RUN TIME for the first station. Run time is in one minute increments from 1 minute to 4 hours. Press NEXT to advance to next station. Continue to assign stations to a program by entering RUN TIMES for those stations. Unselected stations in a program will remain OFF. Enabling/Disabling MASTER VALVE After the last station is the MASTER VALVE position. The display will show “ON “. To disable the master valve/pump start for this program, press -/OFF. Press +/ON to resume master valve/pump start operation. NOTE: To turn off a station which has previously been programmed, press both +/ON and -/OFF buttons and hold them for a few seconds. Use this option if you have a station with RUN TIME and you want this station to be OFF or if you have a start time and you want to cancel it (set it to OFF). -6- Dial position: WATER DAYS WATER DAYS Calendar Prog. A Interval Prog. A day Interval start Odd Prog. A Even Prog. A There are 4 choices for your days selection: CAL – Select days of the week. (All days are ON as the default) Int – Select days interval, 1-7 days, and the 1st day to start the interval Odd – Irrigation on Odd days (31st day is skipped) En – Irrigation on Even days. In CAL position: Press +/ON for operating day or -/OFF to skip the day. Press NEXT for Interval selection or DIAL for next programming step. In “Int ” position: Press +/ON or -/OFF to select the watering day interval. Press NEXT to select the 1st day to start the watering (using the +/ON or -/OFF buttons). In Odd position: Press NEXT to select Even days or DIAL. In Even position: Press NEXT if you wish to go back to CALENDAR. Press DIAL to advance to START TIME. Dial position: START TIMES START TIMES 3 start times per day are available for each program. (A, B or C) Press +/ON or -/OFF to set the first start time. Press NEXT for start 2 and use +/ON or -/OFF to set the time. After setting start times, you can Press PROG to start entering data for another program. The Dial position will automatically move back to the RUN TIME position for that program. Note: Start times are stacked to avoid operating more than 2 solenoids at a time and exceeding the power output of the transformer. Note: To reset the START TIME back to OFF press +/ON and -/OFF buttons until display shows OFF. Press DIAL to advance to the “% Scaling ” position. -7- Dial position: % SCALING (Seasonal adjust) In this dial position you can increase or decrease the RUN TIME of all stations in that program by percentage scaling from 0% to 200% in 10% % SCALING increments. Press PROG to select the program you wish to scale. Press +/ON or -/OFF to change. The Initial RUN TIME represents 100%. The controller will record the change, i.e., if a program was scaled down to 80%, next time you enter this dial position the display will show 80%. To set a program to “OFF ” If you wish to stop irrigation of a program, set percentage scaling to 0%. The display will show that program is OFF. To resume normal operation of that program, Dial to “% SCALING ” and increase the percentage to your desired value. Increasing to 100% will set RUN TIME to its original value. Press PROG to select the program. Press DIAL to advance to MANUAL. Dial position: MANUAL MANUAL The MANUAL mode allows immediate customized irrigation on one or more zones. You can set an individual RUN TIME for each of the stations you wish to start manually.

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