MTD White Outdoor Snow Boss 550 H623D 750 H633E Snow Blower Owners Manual

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Operator’s Manual Snow Boss 550 (H623D) Snow Boss 750 (H633E) IMPORTANT: Read safety rules and instructions carefully before operating equipment. Warning: This unit is equipped with an internal combustion engine and should not be used on or near any unimproved forestcovered, brush-covered or grass-covered land unless the engine’s exhaust system is equipped with a spark arrester meeting applicable local or state laws (if any). If a spark arrester is used, it should be maintained in effective working order by the operator.

Snow Blower and Snow Thrower User Manual Free Download. Snow Removal Operator’s Manual. Free Manual Download PDF.

In the State of California the above is required by law (Section 4442 of the California Public Resources Code). Other states may have similar laws. Federal laws apply on federal lands. A spark arrester for the muffler is available through your nearest engine authorized service dealer or contact the service department, P.O. Box 361131 Cleveland, Ohio 44136-9722. WHITE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS COMPANY. P.O. BOX 361131 CLEVELAND, OHIO 44136-9722 PRINTED IN U.S.A. FORM NO. 770-10014A.mif (6/99) TABLE OF CONTENTS Content Page Important Safe Operation Practices . 3 Loose Parts 5 Assembling Your Snow Thrower 5 Know Your Snow Thrower . 7 Operating Your Snow Thrower . 8 Making Adjustments 10 Maintaining Your Snow Thrower 11 Service . 12 Troubleshooting . 16 Parts List 17 FINDING MODEL NUMBER This Operator’s Manual is an important part of your new Snow Thrower. It will help you assemble, prepare and maintain the unit for best performance. Please read and understand what it says. Before you start assembling your new equipment, please locate the model plate on the equipment and copy the information from it in the space provided below. The information on the model plate is very important if you need help from our Customer Support Department or an authorized dealer. ยท You can locate the model number by looking at the lower frame cover in the rear of your snow thrower. A sample model plate is explained below. For future reference, please copy the model number and the serial number of the equipment in the space below. (Model Number) (Serial Number) Copy the model number here: WHITE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS COMPANY P.O. BOX 361131 CLEVELAND, OHIO 44136 Copy the serial number here: CALLING WARRANTY SERVICE If you are having difficulty assembling this product or if you have any question regarding the controls, operation or maintenance of this unit, please call the Customer Dealer Referral Line. You can reach them by calling: 1-800-949-4483 Before calling your local dealer, make sure that you have your model and serial numbers ready. By having the model and serial numbers ready, you help your local dealer give you faster service.

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