Murray 629108X84A Snow Blower Owners Manual

Push the primer button (9). Every time you
push the primer button (9), wait two sec-
onds. For the number of times required to
push the primer button (9), see the engine
manufacturer’s instructions.
(Electric Start) Push on the electric start
button (10) until the engine starts. Do not
crank for more than 10 seconds at a time.
The electric starter is thermally protected. If
the electric starter overheats, it will automati-
cally stop and can only be restarted when it
has cooled to a safe temperature. A wait of
about 5 to 10 minutes is required to allow the
electric starter to cool.
(Recoil Start) Rapidly pull the recoil starter
handle (12). Do not allow the recoil starter
handle (12) to snap back. Slowly return the
recoil starter handle (12).
If the engine does not start in 5 or 6 tries,
See the “Trouble Shooting Chart” Instruc-
(Electric Start) When the engine starts, re-
lease the electric start button (10) and
move the choke control (14) to 1/2 choke
position. When the engine runs smoothly,
move the choke control (14) to the off posi-
(Electric Start) First disconnect the  power
cord from the  three-hole receptacle. Then,
disconnect the power cord from the switch
NOTE:box (11)In.   temperatures below 05F, allow
the engine to warm up for several minutes
before blowing snow.
When throwing snow, always run the engine
with the throttle control (13) in the fast posi-
How To Start A Warm Engine (Figure 2)
2.  Move the throttle control  (13) to the stop
If an engine has been running and is still warm,
leave the choke control (14) in the off position
and do not push the primer button (9). If the
engine fails to start, follow the instructions “How
To Start A Cold Engine”.
Remove (do not turn) the ignition key (8).
4.  Disconnect the spark  plug wire.
5.  Do not place your hands  in the auger hous-
ing (4) or the discharge chute (3).  Use a
pry bar to remove any snow or debris.
NOTE:  Do not use the primer button (9) to
start a warm engine.
How To Start An Engine With A Frozen Electric    Snow Throwing Tips
Starter  (Figure 2)
1.  For maximum snow thrower  efficiency,
change the ground speed, NEVER change
the engine speed.  The engine is designed to
deliver maximum performance at full throttle
and must be run in the fast position at all
times. In deep, freezing, or wet snow, reduce
forward speed. If the wheels slip, also reduce
forward speed.
If the electric starter is frozen and will not turn
the engine, follow the instructions below.
Pull out the recoil starter handle (12) as far
as possible.
Quickly release the recoil starter handle
(12). Allow the recoil starter handle (12) to
snap back against the recoil starter.
2.  Most efficient snow throwing  is accomplished
when the snow is removed immediately after
if falls.
If the engine still fails to start, repeat the two pre-
vious steps until the engine starts. Then,  contin-
ue with the directions “How To Start A Cold
3.  For complete snow  removal, slightly overlap
each previous path.
To help prevent the  possible freeze-up of the
recoil starter and of the engine controls, proceed
as follows after each snow removal job.
Whenever possible, discharge the snow
down wind.
For normal usage, set the skids so that the
scraper bar is 1/8” above the skids.  For ex-
tremely hard-packed  snow surfaces, adjust
the skids upward so that the scraper bar
touches the ground.
With the engine running, quickly pull the re-
coil starter handle (12) three or four times
with a continuous full arm stroke. This will
produce a loud clattering sound that is not
harmful to the engine or starter.
Rocks and gravel must not be picked up and
thrown by the machine. On gravel or crushed
rock surfaces, set the  skids at 1-1/4 inch be-
low the scraper bar. See “How To Adjust The
Height Of The Skids” in the Maintenance
Stop the engine. Wipe all snow and moisture
from the carburetor cover, control levers and
cables. Also move the throttle control (13),
choke control (14), and recoil starter han-
dle (12) several times.
WARNING: Never run the engine
indoors or in enclosed, poorly ven-
tilated areas.  Engine exhaust con-
After each snow throwing job, allow the en-
gine to idle for a few minutes. The snow and
accumulated ice will melt off the engine.
How To Remove Snow or Debris From
The Auger Housing  (Figure 2)
tains carbon monoxide, an odorless and
deadly gas.  Keep hands, feet, hair and
loose clothing away from any moving parts
located on the engine or the snow thrower.
The temperature of muffler and nearby
areas may exceed 150°F.  Avoid these
WARNING: Do not attempt to re-
move snow or debris that may be-
come lodged in auger housing
8.  Clean the snow thrower after  each use.
9.  Remove ice, snow and  debris from the entire
snow thrower. Flush with water to remove all
salt or other chemicals. Wipe snow thrower
without taking the following precautions.
1.  Release the auger drive lever  (5).
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Guoen Hu on Jan 05, 2018.

I have been using this snow blower for over 10 years.
Need to download the menu to change a belt

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