Toro Power Max 828LE 38635 Snow Blower Operators Manual, 2007

To unclog the discharge chute, stay in the operating
position and release the left hand (traction) lever. While
running the auger/impeller, push down on the handles
to raise the front of the snowthrower a few inches
(centimeters) off the pavement. Then lift the handles
quickly to bump the front of the snowthrower on the
pavement. Repeat if necessary until a stream of snow
comes out the discharge chute.
When the snowthrower is in operation, the impeller
and auger can rotate and cut off or injure hands and
Before adjusting, cleaning,  inspecting,
If you cannot unclog the discharge chute by bumping
the front of the snowthrower, stop the engine, wait
for all moving parts to stop, and use the snow
cleanout tool; never use your hand.
troubleshooting, or repairing the snowthrower,
stop the engine and wait for all moving parts
to stop.  Disconnect the wire from the spark
plug and keep it away from the plug to prevent
someone from accidentally starting the engine.
Important: Unclogging the  discharge chute
by bumping the front of the snowthrower on the
pavement may cause the skids to move. Adjust the
skids and tighten the skid bolts securely.
Remove an obstruction from the discharge
chute; refer to Unclogging the Discharge Chute.
If necessary, use the snow cleanout tool, not
your hands, to remove an obstruction from the
discharge chute.
Stay behind the handles  and away from
the discharge opening while operating the
In snowy and cold conditions, some controls and
moving parts may freeze. Do not use excessive force
when trying to operate frozen controls. If you have
difficulty operating any control or part, start the engine
and let it run for a few minutes.
Keep face, hands, feet, and any other part of your
body or clothing away from concealed, moving,
or rotating parts.
After using the snowthrower, let the engine run for
a few minutes to prevent moving parts from freezing.
Engage the auger/impeller to clear any remaining snow
from inside the housing. Rotate the  Quick Stick to
prevent it from freezing. Stop the engine, wait for all
moving parts to stop, and remove all ice and snow from
the snowthrower.
The rotor blades can throw stones, toys, and other
foreign objects and cause serious personal injury to
the operator or to bystanders.
Keep the area to be cleared free of all objects that
the rotor blades could pick up and throw.
With the engine off, pull the recoil starter handle several
times to prevent the recoil starter from freezing up.
Keep all children and pets away from the area
of operation.
Always set the throttle to the Fast position when
throwing snow.
If the engine slows down under a load or the wheels
slip, shift the snowthrower into a lower gear.
If the front of the snowthrower rides up, shift the
snowthrower into a lower gear. If the front continues to
ride up, lift up on the handles.
Product Specification
CategoriesSnow Blower Manuals, Toro Snow Blower
Model Number38635
Model Year2007
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- 28 pages
Document TypeOperator's Manual
Serial Number270000001 - 270999999
Product BrandToro. Customer Service Representatives are available by phone: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (CDT) - Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (CDT) - Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (CDT)
Canada 1-888-225-4886 USA 1-888-384-9939, Snow Blower
Product TypeSnowthrower
Swath28 inch
DischargeTwo Stage
Engine ManufacturerTecumseh
Engine Oil Type26 oz. (.8l) 5w-30 or 10w / API SH or higher
Gearbox Lubricant4.5 oz. (133ml) SAE 90 GL5 or higher
Engine Motor Model #LH318SA-156564H
Engine Motor Size318cc
Engine Motor Type4 Cycle, 4 Cycle CARB2, EPA2
Transmission Speed6 Forward/2 Reverse
Transmission TypeFriction Disc
Document File TypePDF
Wikipedia's PageToro Company
CopyrightAttribution Non-commercial
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Toro Power Max 828LE 38635 Snow Blower Operators Manual, 2007 SKU UPC Model
Frank Scioli on Mar 14, 2018. Toro 828 LE

Love the snow blower just need the Manuel

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