STIHL HS 85 Hedge Trimmer Owners Manual

English / USA
Always clean dust and dirt off the
machine after finishing work. Do not use
a grease solvent for cleaning!
Always stop the engine and make sure
that the cutting tool is stopped before
doing any maintenance or repair work or
cleaning the hedge trimmer. Do not
attempt any maintenance or repair work
not described in your owner's manual.
Have such work performed at your
STIHL service shop only.
Never test the ignition system with
ignition wire terminal removed from
spark plug or with unseated spark plug,
since uncontained sparking may cause
a fire.
An aerosol can of resin solvent (protec-
tive spray), Part No. 0782 420 1002, is
available for spraying the cutter blades.
This resin solvent protects the cutter
blades and has anticorrosive properties.
Spray  the cutter blades before and
after work. Then start and run the hedge
trimmer briefly so that the resin solvent
is evenly distributed over the blades.
If the hedge itself is very dusty and dirty,
spray the cutter blades more frequently.
This greatly reduces blade friction and
the damaging effects of sap and dust
To reduce the risk of fire and burn injury,
use only spark plugs authorized by
STIHL. Always press spark plug boot
snugly onto spark plug terminal of the
proper size. (Note: If terminal has
detachable SAE adapter nut, it must be
attached.) A loose connection between
spark plug terminal and ignition wire
connector in the boot may create arcing
that could ignite combustible fumes and
cause a fire. Keep spark plug clean, and
make sure ignition lead is in good
Never repair damaged cutting attach-
ments by welding, straightening or
modifying the shape. This may cause
parts of the cutting tool to come off and
result in serious or fatal injuries.
Check condition of cutting tool at regular
short intervals. If behavior of tool
changes, check it immediately for
tightness or any signs of cracks in
particular. Replace damaged or dull
cutting tools immediately, even if they
have only superficial cracks.
Do not operate your hedge trimmer if the
muffler is damaged, missing or modified.
An improperly maintained muffler will in-
crease the risk of fire and hearing loss.
Never touch a hot muffler or burn will
result. If your muffler was equipped with
a spark-arresting screen to reduce the
risk of fire (e.g. in the USA, Canada and
Australia), never operate your hedge
trimmer if the screen is missing or
damaged. Remember that the risk of
forest fires is greater in hot or dry
To reduce the risk of fire, check fuel filler
cap for leaks at regular intervals.
weather. Keep the engine and muffler
free from cuttings, chips, leaves, fibers
and excess lubricant.
HS 85
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