STIHL HS 85 Hedge Trimmer Owners Manual

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Warranty Period
Warranty Work
Maintenance Requirements
The warranty periods will begin on the
date the utility equipment engine is
purchased by the initial purchaser and
you have signed and sent back the
warranty card to STIHL. If any emission
related part on your engine is defective,
the part will be replaced by STIHL
Incorporated at no cost to the owner.
Any warranted part which is not
STIHL Incorporated shall remedy war-
ranty defects at any authorized STIHL
servicing dealer or warranty station. Any
such work shall be free of charge to the
owner if it is determined that a warranted
part is defective. Any manufacturer-
approvedor equivalentreplacementpart
may be used for any warranty
The maintenance instructions in this
manual are based on the application of
the recommended 2-stroke fuel-oil
mixture (see also instruction "Fuel").
Deviations from this recommendation
regarding quality and mixing ratio of fuel
and oil may require shorter maintenance
maintenance or repairs on emission-
related parts and must be provided
without charge to the owner. STIHL
Incorporated is liable for damages to
other engine components caused by the
failure of a warranted part still under
scheduled for replacement as required
maintenance, or which is scheduled only
for regular inspection to the effect of
"repair or replace as necessary" will be
warranted for the warranty period.
Any warranted part which is scheduled
for replacement as required mainten-
ance will be warranted for the period of
time up to the first scheduled replace-
ment point for that part.
This Emission Control Systems War-
ranty shall not cover any of the following:
repair or replacement required
because of misuse, neglect or lack
of required maintenance,
The California Air Resources Board's
Emission Warranty Parts List specifically
defines the emission-related warranted
parts. These warranted parts are:
repairs improperly performed or
replacements not conforming to
STIHL Incorporated specifications
that adversely affect performance
and/or durability, and alterations or
modifications not recommended or
approved in writing by STIHL
Choke (Cold start enrichment system)
Intake manifold
You, as the owner, shall not be charged
for diagnostic labor which leads to the
determination that a warranted part is
defective. However, if you claim
Air filter
Spark plug
Magneto or electronic ignition system
(ignition module)
warranty for a component and the
machine is tested as non-defective,
STIHL Incorporated will charge you for
the cost of the emission test.
replacement of parts and other
services and adjustments
Catalytic converter (if applicable)
necessary forrequiredmaintenance
at and after the first scheduled
replacement point.
Mechanical diagnostic work will be
performed at an authorized STIHL
servicing dealer. Emission test may be
performed either at STIHL Incorporated
or at any independent test laboratory.
Where to make a claim for
Warranty Service
Bring the product to any authorized
STIHL servicing dealer and present the
signed warranty card.
HS 85
Product Specification
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