STIHL HS 85 Hedge Trimmer Owners Manual

English / USA
Operating Instructions
The starter grip must be firmly seated in
the rope guide bushing.
During break-in period
A factory new machine should not be run
at high revs (full throttle off load) for the
first three tank fillings. This avoids
unnecessary high loads during the
break-in period. As all moving parts
have to bed in during the break-in
period, the frictional resistances in the
engine are greater during this period.
The engine develops its maximum
power after about 5 to 15 tank fillings.
If grip droops to one side:
Add one more turn on rope rotor to
increase spring tension.
When the starter rope is fully
extended if must be possible to
rotate the rotor another half turn.
If this is not the case, the spring is
overtensioned and could break.
Take one turn of rope off the rotor.
Fit the starter cover.
During operation
After a long period of full-throttle
operation, allow engine to run for a while
at idle speed so that the heat in the
engine can be dissipated by flow of
cooling air. This protects engine-
mounted components (ignition,
carburetor) from thermal overload.
After finishing work
Wait for engine to cool down. Drain the
fuel tank. Store the machine in a dry
place. Check tightness of nuts and
screws (not adjusting screws) at regular
intervals and retighten as necessary.
Tensioning the rewind spring
Make a loop in the unwound
starter rope and use it to turn the
rope rotor six full revolutions
Hold the rotor steady –
straighten the twisted rope.
Release the rotor.
Let go of rope slowly so that it winds
onto the rotor.
HS 85
Product Specification
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