STIHL HS 85 Hedge Trimmer Owners Manual

English / USA
Operating instructions
Make sure you always have good
footing. Always work calmly and
At correct idle speed, the cutting blades
should not move. For directions to
adjust idle speed, see the appropriate
section of your owner's manual.
If you cannot set the correct idle speed,
have your STIHL dealer check your
hedge trimmer and make proper
adjustments or repairs.
Do not cut any material other than
hedges and shrubs. The cutting tools
may be used only for the operations
described in your manual.
carefully, stay alert so as not to
endanger others. When working close to
the ground, make sure that no sand, grit
or stones get between the cutter blades.
If  the cutter blades become jammed by
thick branches or any other obstruction,
switch off the engine immediately
before attempting to free the blades.
To reduce the risk of injury from loss of
control, never work on a ladder, in a tree
or any other insecure support.
Maintenance, replacement, or repair
of the emission control devices and
systems may be performed by any
nonroad engine repair establishment
or individual. However if you claim
warranty for a component which has
not been serviced or maintained pro-
perly or if nonapproved replacement
parts were used, STIHL may deny
Use only STIHL replacement parts for
maintenance and repair. Use of parts
manufactured by others may cause
serious or fatal injury.
Never use the hedge trimmer above
shoulder height or with one hand.
To reduce the risk of injury from loss of
control, always hold your hedge trimmer
firmly with both hands while you are
working. Your right hand should grip the
front handle. This also applies to left-
handers. Wrap your fingers tightly
around the front and rear handles.
The cutter blades tend to run on for a
short period after the throttle
trigger is released (flywheel effect).
Important adjustments
To reduce the risk of personal injury from
loss of control or contact with the
running cutting blades, do not use a
hedge trimmer with incorrect idle
Follow the maintenance and repair
instructions in the appropriate section of
your owner's manual. Refer to the
maintenance chart at the last pages of
this manual.
Never attempt to operate any hedge
trimmer with one hand. Loss of control of
the hedge trimmer may result in serious
or fatal injury.
HS 85
Product Specification
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