STIHL HS 85 Hedge Trimmer Owners Manual

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Wear gloves and keep your hands
Proper Clothing
Hedge trimmer operation
can cause serious injury
to eyes, ears and person.
Therefore, to reduce the
risk of injury to your eyes
never operate a hedge
Prolonged use of a hedge trimmer (or
other machines) exposing the operator
to vibrations may produce whitefinger
disease (Raynaud's phenomenon) or
carpal tunnel syndrome. These
Keep the AV system well
maintained. A hedge trimmer with
loose components or with damaged
or worn AV buffers will tend to have
higher vibration levels.
conditions reduce the hand's ability to
feel and regulate temperature, produce
numbness and burning sensations and
may cause nerve and circulation
Maintain a firm grip at all times, but
do not squeeze the handles with
constant, excessive pressures, take
frequent breaks.
trimmer unless wearing goggles or
properly fitted safety glasses with
adequate top and side protection
complying with ANSI Z 87.1 (or your
applicable national standard). To reduce
the risk of injury to your face STIHL
recommends that you also wear a face
shield or face screen over your goggles
or safety glasses.
damage and tissue necrosis.
All the above mentioned precautions do
not guarantee that you will not sustain
whitefinger disease or carpal tunnel
syndrome. Therefore continual and
regular users should monitor closely the
condition of their hands and fingers. If
any of the above symptoms appear,
seek medical advice immediately.
All factors which contribute to
whitefinger disease are not known, but
cold weather, smoking and diseases or
physical conditions that affect blood
vessels and blood transport, as well as
high vibration levels and long periods of
exposure to vibration are mentioned as
factors in the development of whitefinger
disease. In order to reduce the risk of
whitefinger disease and carpal tunnel
syndrome, please note the following:
Hedge trimmer noise may damage your
hearing. Wear sound barriers (ear plugs
or ear mufflers) to protect your hearing.
Continual and regular users should have
their hearing checked regularly.
The ignition system of your unit
produces an electromagnetic field of a
very low intensity. This field may
Most STIHL power tools are
available with an anti-vibration
interfere with some pacemakers. To
reduce the risk of serious or fatal injury,
persons with pacemaker should consult
their physician and the pacemaker
manufacturer before operating this tool.
system designed to reduce
the transmission of vibrations
created by the engine to the
operator's hands. An AV system is
recommended for those persons
using power tools on a regular or
sustained basis.
HS 85
Product Specification
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