STIHL HS 85 Hedge Trimmer Owners Manual

English / USA
Wear proper protective
clothing. Clothing must be
For illustrations and definitions of the
hedge trimmer parts see the chapter on
"Parts and Controls"!
sturdy and snug-fitting,
but allow complete
freedom of movement.
scarfs, neckties, jewelry, flared or cuffed
pants, unconfined long hair or anything
that could become caught on branches,
brush or moving parts of the unit. Wear
long pants made of heavy material to
protect your legs.
Never modify a hedge trimmer in any
way. Only attachments supplied by
STIHL or expressly approved by STIHL
for use with the specific STIHL hedge
trimmer models are authorized.
Although certain unauthorized attach-
ments are useable for the STIHL hedge
trimmer, their use may, in fact, be
extremely dangerous.
Do not wear shorts.
Protect your hands with
gloves when handling the
hedge trimmer and the
cutting tool. Heavy-duty,
nonslip gloves improve
your grip and help to
Transporting the hedge trimmer
protect your hands.
The hedge trimmer may be carried only
in the normal upright position. Grip the
front handle and keep the cutter blades
behind you.
Always switch off the engine and fit the
scabbard over the cutter blades before
transporting the hedge trimmer over
long distances.
When transporting your hedge trimmer
in a vehicle, properly secure it to prevent
turnover, fuel spillage and damage to the
hedge trimmer.
To reduce the risk of injury from blade
contact, never carry or transport the
hedge trimmer with the cutter blades
running. The correct engine idle speed
is important in this respect. If the carbu-
retor setting is correct, the cutter blades
will be stationary at idle speed.
Good footing is most
important in hedge
trimmer work. Wear
sturdy boots with nonslip
soles. Steeltoed safety
boots are recommended.
Wear an approved safety hard hat to
reduce the risk of injury to your head
when there is a danger of head injuries.
Always engage the starting lock before
transporting the machine (see chapter
"Starting"). The starting lock may only be
engaged when the cutter blades are at a
HS 85
Product Specification
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