STIHL HS 85 Hedge Trimmer Owners Manual

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Preparation for the use of the
hedge trimmer
Always spray the cutter blades with
STIHL resin solvent before starting work
with the engine stopped! You can
Gasoline vapor pressure may build up
inside the gas tank of a two cycle engine
depending on the fuel used, the weather
conditions, and the venting system of
the tank. In order to reduce the risk of
burns or other personal injury from
escaping gas vapor and fumes, remove
the fuel filler cap on your hedge trimmer
carefully so as to allow any pressure
build-up in the tank to release slowly.
Never remove fuel filler cap while
engine is running. Select bare ground for
fueling and move at least 10 feet (3 m)
from the fueling spot before starting the
obtain this protective spray from your
dealer. Apply generously.
Always check your hedge trimmer for
proper condition and operation before
starting, particularly the throttle trigger,
throttle trigger interlock, stop switch,
cutting tool and starting lock. The throttle
trigger must move freely and always
spring back to the idle position.The
cutting tool must be properly tightened
and in safe operating condition. Inspect
for loose parts (nuts, screws, etc.) and
for cracked, bent, warped or damaged
blades. Regularly check the condition
and tightness of the cutter blades - with
the engine stopped! Service damaged
cutter blades before using the hedge
trimmer. Always keep blades sharp.
Keep the handles clean and dry at all
times; it is particularly important to keep
them free of oil and resin to ensure that
you can always maintain a firm grip and
safely control your machine.
Your STIHL hedge trimmer uses an
oil-gasoline mixture for fuel (see the
chapter on "Fuel" of your owner's
Gasoline is an extremely
flammable fuel. If spilled
or ignited by a spark or
other ignition source, it
cancause fire and serious
burn injury or property
Wipe off any spilled fuel before starting
your hedge trimmer and check for
Check for fuel leakage while refueling
and during operation. If fuel leakage is
found, do not start or run the engine until
leak is fixed and spilled fuel has been
wiped away. Take care not to get fuel on
your clothing. If this happens,
Use extreme caution when handling
gasoline or fuel mix.
Do not smoke or bring any fire or flame
near the fuel.
change your clothing immediately.
Never attempt to fuel a running or hot
Fueling Instructions
Removal of safety devices can lead to
Fuel your hedge trimmer in
serious injury.
well ventilated areas, outdoors.
HS 85
Product Specification
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