STIHL HS 85 Hedge Trimmer Owners Manual

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If engine is down on power, difficult to
start or runs poorly at idling speed, first
check the spark plug.
Remove spark plug – see “Starting /
Stopping the Engine“.
Clean dirty spark plug.
Check electrode gap (A) and
readjust if necessary – see
Use only resistor type spark plugs
of the approved range.
Rectify problems which have caused
fouling of spark plug:
Too much oil in fuel mix.
Dirty air filter.
Unfavorable running conditions,
e.g. operating at part load.
Fit a new spark plug after approx.
To reduce the risk of fire and burn
injury, use only spark plugs
Use STIHL  gear lubricant for hedge
trimmers (see "Specifications")
to lubricate the blade drive gear about
every 25 hours of operation.
operating hours
or earlier if the electrodes are badly
authorized by STIHL. Always press
spark plug boot (2) snugly onto
spark plug terminal (1) of the proper
size. (Note: If terminal has
Remove screw plug (1) from gear
detachable SAE adapter nut, it must
be attached.)
Screw the tube of grease (2) into the
filler hole.
A loose connection between spark
plug boot and ignition wire
Roll up the end of the tube to the
next division on the scale. This
forces about 3/4 oz (20 g) grease
into the gearbox.
connector in the boot may create
arcing that could ignite combustible
fumes and cause a fire.
Refit screw plug and tighten
HS 85
Product Specification
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