STIHL HS 85 Hedge Trimmer Owners Manual

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Safety Precautions
Because a hedge trimmer
STIHL does not recommend the use of
hedge trimmers when cutting in areas
where the blades could contact such
Safe use of a hedge trimmer involves
is a high-speed,
the operator
the hedge trimmer
the use of the hedge trimmer.
fast-cutting power tool,
special safety pre-
cautions must be
observed to reduce the
risk of personal injury.
Minors should never be allowed to use a
hedge trimmer. Bystanders, especially
children, and animals should not be
allowed in the area where a hedge trim-
mer is in use.
Physical Condition
It is important that you
read, fully understand
and observe the following
safety precautions and
warnings. Read the
You must be in good physical condition
and mental health and not under the
influence of any substance (drugs,
alcohol, etc.) which might impair vision,
dexterity or judgment. Do not operate a
hedge trimmer when you are fatigued.
Be alert - if you get tired while operating
your hedge trimmer, take a break.
Tiredness may result in loss of control.
Working with any hedge trimmer can be
strenuous. If you have any condition that
might be aggravated by strenuous work,
check with your doctor before operating
a hedge trimmer.
The operator is responsible for avoiding
injury of third parties and damage to
their property.
Never let the hedge trimmer run
owner's manual and the
safety instructions periodically.
Careless or improper use of any hedge
trimmer may cause serious or fatal
Have your STIHL dealer show you how
to operate your hedge trimmer.
Do not lend or rent your hedge trimmer
without the owner's manual. Be sure
that anyone using your hedge trimmer
understands the information contained
in this manual.
Observe all applicable local safety
regulations, standards and ordinances.
The use of any hedge trimmer may be
hazardous. If the cutting tool comes in
contact with your body, it will cut you.
Most of these safety precautions and
warnings apply to the use of all STIHL
hedge trimmers. Different models may
have different parts and controls. See
the appropriate section of your owner's
manual for a description of the controls
and function of the parts of your model
hedge trimmer.
Striking solid foreign objects such as
stones, fence wire or metal could
damage the cutting attachment and may
cause blades to crack, chip or break.
HS 85
Product Specification
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